Expert tuition: GCSE Computer Science in London

This bespoke course, offered in a one to one or small group format, covers the new computer science curriculum using Python 3 that focuses on the essentials and on the problem solving skills all good programmers need to be successful.
Designed to serve a wide range of student interests and abilities, the course offers a whole new way to learn to programming with Python. 
Beginning programmers often ask “How do I start?”, “Now what do I do?”. With 10 years of experience in education, we designed a course that will help you succeed.
The course presents the fundamentals like control flow structures, loops, functions and lists.

Course key features

* Learn Python through a visual, unplugged and task based approach that make the fundamental principles memorable.

* A step by step guidance is immensely helpful for building confidence and providing an outline of the task at hand.

* A problem solving approach that stress the importance of design, planning and evaluation solutions - before starting to code. Problem solving strategies are made explicit and include:
Algorithm design with pseudo code.
First do it by hand
Solve a simpler programme first.
Reusable functions
Stepwise refinement.
Adapting algorithms
Discovering algorithms by manipulating physical objects.
Tracing objects.
Patters for object data.
Thinking recursively.
Estimate the running time of an algorithm.
* How to guides help students with common programming tasks.
* Numerous worked examples demonstrate how to apply concepts to interesting problems.
* Progressive figures trace code segments to help students visualise the programme flow.
* Tips and common errors guide you to good practice.
* Self-check exercises reinforce understanding and points students to activities they can do to practise what they’ve learned.
* Optional exercises to engage students with realistic applications.
* Exam practice revises the theory through illustrations that help you interpret and elaborate the main definitions.

Course booking

Dates: Every Saturday
Days of the week: Saturdays
Time: 2 pm - 3:30 pm
Duration: 12 weeks
Availability: Yes.
Location: Russell Square
Fees: £900
Terms: the terms are standard in the sector in the UK.

Private tuition

£50 per hour. 1.5 hour lessons recommended. £5 per extra person.