Intensive web development course: HTML, CSS & Javascript

It's not easy to find someone who is multitalented and is prepared to teach what they know to others and so well.
Aruni Angammama, studying Bioinformatics at Imperial College, South London, July 2015.

Web development course: HTML and CSS

When I pursue a subject, I usually use or try several avenues, either at the same time or  in sequence. I always came back to Carolina because progress was faster and more interesting. Even when it was a group class, she was always able to quickly assess the right pace for each individual and to tune assignment and expectation according to ability and the energy the student could bring to it - we all had jobs and pretty full days. Other courses had a timed curriculum - so much to get through by June. Carolina could run classes tuned for how much you could get through at your personal best pace. That meant more interest, more attention, faster learning and livelier classes, whether one-to-one or group (I did both). So in simple words - yes, Carolina is an excellent teacher, and I would gladly go back, if I were not currently living about 5,000 miles away. 
Bob Freilich, director, USA, December 2015.

Course web development: HTML, CSS, CSS Keyframe Animations & Git

I've just completed the 12 week HTML 5 and CSS 3 evening class with Carolina, at Assembly 21. It's been a thoroughly positive experience. The classes include some really useful off-computer activities, before getting behind the screen, as well as reference resources to go with every topic covered. The structure allows you to fully work through a project, so that you get a good idea of what's involved in creating a responsive site, which will perform across all devices. Carolina is a great teacher, with a broad knowledge of web building, who introduces all the nuts and bolts that will make your projects run properly.
Neil Simmons, graphic designer, Brent, October 2015

Full Day Year 4 Spanish

"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you. My son Jameson had a wonderful time at class. We will keep your details in case we are in London with him needing some classes again". 
Mother, from Perth, Australia, in a conference in Paris while her son came to London with his father, May 2012

GCSE Spanish Tuition

"Gabriel has his final Spanish GCSE exams this week, so I think it makes sense for the lesson he has this Thursday with you to be his last. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the work you have done with him.  It would appear to have made a huge difference to his confidence and performance; his teachers at school have noted his marked improvement. 
Gabriel has very much enjoyed the lessons with you, and what I feared might be a bit of a chore for him has been a positive experience and one he looked forward to each week. He is rather sad to be giving it up! I will certainly strongly recommend you to anyone who requires Spanish lessons and will let you know how Gabriel had got on when he gets his results in the summer"
Parent, Curator, Islington, London, 22 May 2011