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Web development course: HTML for Web Design

Web design: HTML is a step by step guide to using HTML5 web standards to build all the components of a professional mobile friendly website. Through visual unplugged activities and production based sessions you will learn how to use HTML to structure all the content elements possible: meta tags, links, navigation, forms, images, audio and video. Semantic and meaningful markup to produce code that is valid and accessible to all users are some of the highlights of this course that teaches the whole language in one day. Tools like HTML outlining system, HTML validation are included to prepare you to publish web content with digital marketing in mind. Throughout the course you will learn how to use current development tools that will facilitate your workflow. Please bring your laptop and initial sketches of your mobile, tablet and desktop web designs. Note this course is taught on a MAC computer.

This bespoke course, offered in a one on one or small group format, is the first one in a series of web design and development courses that are designed as independent modules that can be taken separately or successively to gradually build on all the knowledge you need to develop a professional responsive website, with options like advanced CSS, CSS keyframe animations, content management system and e-commerce. Once you complete this course, you can take the second one in the series: Web design: CSS, where you’ll learn to style a variety of web components to build on your path to develop a professional responsive website.

Course booking

Dates: Every Monday
Days of the week: Monday
Time: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Duration: 1 full day
Availability: Yes. 
Location: Russell Square, London
Fees: £300
Terms: the terms are standard in the sector in the UK. 

Tailor made training

£50 per hour. 1.5 hour lessons recommended.


design and build websites

Jon Duckett