Isotope eCommerce is the premier eCommerce solution for Contao Content Management System. Because every online store is unique, Isotope has been designed with flexibility in mind, so that you can customize everything in your shop to your specific needs.

Isotope e-commerce

Isotope e-commerce has a long list of features for online store administrators. Here's the outline:

* Product management directly within Contao’s backend interface
* The ability to create multiple store configurations/storefronts from a single Contao installation
* Custom configurations per currency, as well as currency conversion and formatting
* Customization of image thumbnail/display sizes with watermarking
* Customization of checkout billing/shipping address fields
* Standard product lister and reader modules with many configuration option
* Product filter modules with configuration options
* Full and mini cart module with configuration options
* Checkout module with configuration options
* Ability to add unique product variants for parent products (size/color, etc)
* Categories are equivalent to regular Contao site pages
* Advanced pricing options per member group
* SEO-friendly product URLs (aliases)
* Related products management with multiple relation categories
* Assign multiple images per product
* 3 image gallery options: Standard, Inline and Zoom
* Customize Payment and Shipping Modules per Product Type
* Setup of Multiple Tax Rates and Classes with VAT Support
* Custom email manager for customer and admin notifications
* Custom order status setup and options
* Customer address book management
* Customer order history module
* Messaging notifications to customer on frontend
* Backend order management with PDF invoices
* Product downloads
* Multilingualism

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