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Dyslexia Tuition in London

An educational psychologist with over 20 years of experience will devise and supervise the personal educational plan, that is delivered by a professional tutor who, through an holistic perspective, brings true understanding of the student’s personality, learning style and unique abilities to offer motivating and inspiring sessions that result, in the words of parents in a “180 degree turnaround of the child’s confidence and skills”.



Our approach is based on the following principles. 

1. Multi-sensory


Neuroscience now confirms that everyone learns better through a multi-sensory approach that in the case of students with dyslexia combines visual, auditory, oral kinaesthetic and manual kinaesthetic ways of working, combined in a way that enhances the learning experience and makes it meaningful, productive and enjoyable.

2. Comprehensive


Dyslexia is a neurologically-based condition that affects reading, writing and spelling. It is  usually associated with difficulties in attention, processing speed, working memory and organisation. Reading is a complex process which involves two main tasks: decoding and extracting meaning. The programme promotes fluency in reading as well as the development of new levels of comprehension.