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Carolina Sawney MSc

I am an archetypal cosmologist and professional tutor with twenty years of experience in education, including 7,000 hours teaching in one on one and small group settings offering courses in different formats at different levels to students from two years old onwards, including professional and in-company classes for employees sponsored by their companies, including The Guardian.

Recently one of my students studying Bioinformatics at Imperial College said: “It’s not easy to find someone who is multi-talented who is prepared to teach what they know and so well”, after completing an intensive three day course on web development.

I aim to motivate students to broaden their curiosity and critical thinking in classes planned to enable them to solve problems, explore, experiment, dialogue, reflect, practice and apply skills creatively for deep learning.

The materials are developed according to advances in Educational Psychology and Neuroscience to greatly enhance the learning experience in a blend that allows them to progress at their optimum pace. I work with an educational psychologist specialised in teaching students who experience learning differences.

My interests combine communication, education, philosophy and astronomy and I consider that this gives me a rich perspective that allows me to ask the right questions to motivate students in their learning and encourage their sense of wonder and curiosity required for a true education.

Communication, education and writing as well as working face to face with people to engage them and inspire them to discover and develop potentials have always been paramount to my vocation. Teaching is one of my natural talents, as I spontaneously began to explain my classmates Maths for A Level exams.

With fourteen years of experience creating bespoke courses, I’m an expert devising, developing and delivering inspiring and engaging courses that include Maths, English Language and Literature, English as a Foreign Language, Reasoning, Media Studies, Media Awareness, Psychology and Spanish.

I have completed professional courses like: Maths for Mastery and the Certificate to teach Languages specific for English and Spanish, which I taught at secondary school level for two years. 

The classes I offer are student centered, task and topic based and use a variety of innovative learning methods, that make the sessions motivating, to maximise practise and guarantee optimum progress, that is faster than in other classrooms.

Professional and Teaching Qualifications

Maths for Mastery: In Depth, Maths- No Problem! July 2017
Best practices for teaching Maths

Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA), International House, 2005 and 2008
English and Spanish


Certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling, Regent's University London, 2017
Counselling Skills, Psychotherapy Skills

Diploma in Psychological Astrology, Centre for Psychological Astrology, 2008 - 2011
Astronomy, Archetypal Cosmology, Archetypal Psychology, Universal symbols, Classics

MSc International Politics – 2:1, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, 2002 - 2003
Political Economy with Dissertation on Financial Crises Compared

BSc Social Communication  – 8.01, MSc Level Equivalent (5 Years Full Time) Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora, 1991 - 1996, Buenos Aires
Journalism, Philosophy, History, Economics, Psychology, Semiotics

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