Private tuition in London

Inspiring and engaging classes that aim to cultivate students' curiosity to expand their horizons through meaningful learning experiences that allow them to develop their potentials at their optimum pace.

Small group classes and one on one tuition

The classes encourage students to explore news ideas, develop their ability to question, engage in discussion, discover principles and enjoy the process of learning through intelligent content and methods based on the latest research and best practices.

Think Maths

Early Years: 2 to 4 years

Tuition engages children through a developmental approach that encourages discovery. 

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Maths tuition: 5 to 7 years olds

Learn to master Key Stage 1 Maths through a problem solving approach that encourages you discover new methods to design your own solution pathways. 

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Tuition encourages children to evaluate their own ideas, make mathematical conjectures, test them and develop their reasoning and sense-making skills. 

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Become proficient in an essential life skill through worthwhile tasks based on best practices and research that enhance the learning experience. 

English tuition

Essay Writing, Dissertation Help and UCAS Applications

Learn practical techniques to analyse, criticise, discuss and evaluate material to improve the quality of your academic work. 

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New in September: From broadcasting to press and interactive media, tuition on media studies explores all aspects of communication in culture. 

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English language and literature tuition

Develop a broader perspective enriching all aspects of your language skills. 

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English as an Additional Language

Classes are aimed at students at all levels of their education who may want to prepare exams such as IELTS. 

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Spanish language and literature tuition

Learn Spanish through an immersion approach that guarantees unequalled progress in minimum time. 

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Learn reasoning skills that help you to recognise patterns, identify the core of a sequence, generalise ideas and think algebraically.

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Become a fluent reader through a comprehensive, authentic and meaningful approach.

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Discover London

Discover London and practise your English or Spanish while learning in the many environments the city has to offer. 

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Learn to interpret the rich symbolism in Greek and Roman myths with reference to psychological meanings and the history of images in cultures.