Education for London

Inspiring and engaging curious students to develop their ideas and expand their horizons through meaningful learning in classes planned to allow them to progress well at their optimum pace. 

Small group classes and one one one lessons

The classes are student centered, task and topic based and use a variety of innovative learning methods and materials to encourage students to develop their potentials. 

Think Maths

5+ Maths tuition

Encouraging the development of curious minds through meaningful learning that addresses relevant questions.

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6+ Maths tuition

Learn to master Maths exploring new methods to solve problems in a creative environment. 

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Equipping students with the best possible learning tools to develop their confidence about doing Maths. 

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Learn Maths through a problem solving approach, that encourage students to develop their ideas and strategies. 

Responsive design for Ateneo 21

Essay writing

Plan the structure and content of your essays and edit them for marked improvements in your university assignments

Javascript code in editor

From radio to print and web production, improve your work through personalised classes.  

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English tuition

Develop a broader perspective enriching all aspects of your language skills required from Reception to 8+. 

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English as a Foreign Language

Classes aimed at students at all levels of their educations who may want to prepare for international exams. 

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Spanish tuition

Learn Spanish through an immersion approach planned for rapid or optimum progress, depending on your needs.  

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Learn to code with HTML.

A door opening

Learn Psychology for GCSE, A Level or undergraduate courses in Psychology related degrees. 

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Discover London

Discover London and practise your English while learning in the many environments the city has to offer. 

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Learn to interpret the rich symbolism in ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman myths.