Web development in London

Smart web technologies, digital marketing, the art of design and a comprehensive communication strategy centered on content based user experiences. 

Training in London

The workshops are student centered, task and topic based and use a variety of innovative learning methods and materials to develop new ideas for the digital world.

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New responsive website

Branding, digital marketing and web content creation for Ateneo 21 in London.

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Contao CMS Course

Learn to use the smart and intuitive content management system.

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A whole new way to learn computer science principles and algorithm design through Python 3, using a variety of innovative features.

Planeta Aleph website

Bespoke tuition with a rich variety of features to enhance the learning experience of the contents of the new curriculum. 

Responsive design for Ateneo 21

E-commerce website

A multilingual website with unique visual identity built with content management system, member area, newsletter sign-up, gallery and features like comments.

Javascript code in editor

Learn the algorithms underlying common scripts so you can create your own to add interactivity to web pages while at the same time get a complete reference to the language of the web.  

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Advanced CSS Course for Web Design

A twelve week course to learn CSS to solve challenges and expand your creativity.

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CSS Animations Course for Web Design

Ten week programme to cover the CSS animations through mini-projects to add to your websites. 

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Isotope E-commerce Course  for Web Development

Create your online shop by learning to install and configure Isotope E-commerce to your website.

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A full time two day course to learn how to manage your source code and back up your web development projects. 

A door opening

If you want to collaborate with us on a project or are interested in bespoke training, please get in touch. 

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Python for Everyone Part 2 Course

Bespoke training with a rich variety of features to make learning memorable and help you succeed in developing your problem solving skills. 

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A course to cover the new A Level Computer Science curriculum through Python.